The Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge

The Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge

What is the challenge?

To complete the grilled cheese challenge, the challenger must finish the entirety of the massive or otherwise daunting grilled cheese sandwich as well as any and all of the surrounding sides- yes that is sides with an “s!” The challenger has 60 minutes to complete the challenge in one sitting, without moving more than arm’s length from the table during the challenge and for at least ten minutes after finishing (that means no bathroom breaks).

What is the challenge comprised of?

Once per year in April during National Grilled Cheese Month we will reveal a new Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge recipe. The challenge will always be an over-sized, monstrosity of a grilled cheese or otherwise daunting challenge of a sandwich with one or multiple sides presented on a large serving tray.

What does it cost?

The grilled cheese challenge may only be completed by one person and may only be ordered with the intent of completing the challenge. The cost of the challenge is $45; this includes a bottomless amount of any non-alcoholic beverage of the challengers choosing. If the challenger succeeds in finishing the entirety of the contents of the Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge Tray within the allotted time limit, the cost of the the challenge will be discounted by 50%, and the victor will receive a gift certificate for a future visit to Yolo Bar & Grilled Cheese.

How can I be immortalized?

Each year we will reveal a new Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge recipe and reset the Yolo Grilled Cheese Challenge Wall of Fame in the bar for a new group of successful challengers’ pictures to be placed up for all our guests to envy. Anyone who completes the challenge within the allotted time frame will have their name and picture posted up on the wall, however any challenger who over takes the best reigning time will have their name engraved in infamy on the base of the Yolo Bar & Grilled Cheese Challenge Trophy, which will remain displayed proudly in the bar. At the end of each year, the challenger with the year’s best time will be crowned Grilled Cheese Challenger of the Year and featured on our website.